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    Tamara Liz

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    Photographer and more...


    Creative & Intelligent

    I'm an experienced creative entrepreneur that's passionate about art and wellness.


    A seasoned designer and professional artist with experience as a mental health clinician; that is focused on the healing properties of art making.



  • Timeline


    What now?

    After many attempts to practice art therapy, the fact that GA doesn't have a licensing board for the field, means that Tamara would need to get yet another degree to accept insurance. Which is why she decided to look for other avenues to bridge the gap between art and wellness. In the meantime, she continues to work hard on her creations...


    Exhibitions, Masters Degree, Growing Family

    As the first exhibition of the Hispano-American Artist group,"traveling Souls", came to be, many changes had taken place. Tamara married army veteran, Dustin, gave birth to their first born, David, and was now pregnant with their daughter, Hannah.

    Tamara also enrolled at GCSU where she would start her masters degree in art therapy. She always had a keen interest in psychology, due to her own mental health experiences, but hated to drift away from her passion -art. Art therapy would be the bridge to further Tamara's understanding of the creative process and it's healing capabilities.


    ​New Beginnings

    Tamara moved from Puerto Rico to Atlanta, a cultural change and a blank slate in her artistic career. Unknown in a new art market, Tamara was too proud to start from the bottom. She ventured into new industries but ultimately her heart calling returned. She became part of the group Hispano-American Artists, returning to the art world.

    Puerto Rico


    A Puerto Rico native, it was the art world in Old San Juan that nurtured Tamara Liz early career, as she finished a BA in Fine Arts & Design and AA in Communications. With numerous exhibitions and artworks sold in prominent galleries, Tamara applied to opportunities abroad and had her artworks exhibited internationally.