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    Your Art Therapist and Advocate

    "I love helping those with emotional burdens see their worth, feel uplifted and inspired to follow their passions"


    What if art could be your medicine? Just like eating healthy -every day- can benefit your health, so can making art! Now art therapy is not just about making art, we work together towards your achieving goals. Whether your goals are healing from a difficult relationship, increasing self-esteem, managing emotions to overall wellness, we can figure it all together to help you thrive.

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    TeleBehavioral Health, Art Therapy & The Brain

    Why TeleBehavioral health?

    Read about the benefits of TeleBehavioral health.

    A study done in 2014, determined that TeleBehavioral services eased help-seeking behavior for an average of 35% of consumers; they concluded: "young people regularly used and were generally satisfied with online mental health resources" (Kauer et al., 2014)...Read more

    Art Therapy and Brain, Brain, Brain

    Neurotransmitters have a party when we create!

    Engaging in creative activities make us feel good, but why? I will attempt to explain this connecting what I know about the brain and recent research.,,Read more

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