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    Feel connected and enlightened with my enhanced, multidimensional means of engaging with Spirit. Research shows that the arts have a major impact on a persons' spiritual well-being and health. Just forty-five minutes of painting will reduce the stress hormone cortisol and improve your mood. Through my art classes and workshops you're encouraged to fulfill the basic human drive to create and discover a sense of possibility. You'll feel empowered to self-express without judgment and regain an air of wholeness, individually and as part of the larger world.


    Tamara Liz facilitates enrichment classes, workshops and activities that promote overall wellness, self-care and connection. The programming focuses on mindfulness, building self-esteem, confidence and more.


    Price includes art materials and instruction for 2 hours, weekdays are $25 per person, weekends / nights are $35 pp; participation of a minimum of 6 people is requested. For locations that are outside of 35 miles from Monroe, GA an additional $10 will be added to the invoice. *All plein-air's are $35 pp*.

    Classes at Monroe Walton Center for the Arts


    Learn how to create intuitively and gain new insights.

    All my workshops and classes begin with PMR as we listen to music. We discuss the idea, theme or intuitive process and begin painting for about hour and a half. The last 30 minutes are reserved for sharing about the experience or art we have created.


    People describe the guided creative process as a transformative spiritual experience that helped them go deep within themselves and by the end feel greater love and compassion; discovering a sense of connectedness to themselves, their bodies, and to what is beyond ourselves...

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