• The Free Spirit

    Unequivocally me...

    Unique before I was even born; the doctors told my mom she had stillborn pregnancy, but she refused to believe that I was "an abortion" and had me through term. To celebrate, my dad released 100 birds to thank God for letting me live.

    At a young age, everyone could tell I was my own little person. I was called a "free spirit", not bound to the rules, always questioning everything or saying random things like "when I get born again, I want to be called Elizabeth". I also had an obvious inclination towards the arts since my uncle and grandfather were both artists (not by profession). Always full of raw talent and a rebellious heart, (or you can call it ADHD or BP) I made my way without conforming to the standards.

    My core

    I've always believed in destiny, intuitively going through life, one synchronicity after the other. My meant to be story is nothing like a fairy-tale but it's exactly what I needed to become the best of me. I've learned and grown exponentially as my family teaches me new ways to love. I have the best husband and children, they are my greatest work of art.


    Family Portrait
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