• Tamara Liz

    Your Art Therapist and Advocate

    "I love helping people with emotional burdens see their worth, feel uplifted and inspired to follow their passions"


    I strive to foster self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love; by developing a therapeutic relationship that is accepting, non-judgmental, loving and understanding. I truly believe in the virtues of my artists/clients, I help them achieve insights and changes through self-reflection. Let's discover the wisdom within you, help you to let go and create meaning in your life.









  • Testimonials

    Here is what people say about me as an artist, teacher and art therapist.



    “It was a great workshop, I learned a lot about painting and using colors, but the best was to learn to have therapy through ourselves... Thank you so much! ”

    -Haydee Rodríguez


    Online Therapy


    "Never heard about art therapy online before, but Tamara's energy inspired me to try it. I used some art materials I had at home but she also incorporated photography and other activities. Every session made me feel happy, worthy and ready to be me."

    - Christina Tucker

    As an Artist


    "I have worked with Tamara on exhibition projects as well as have engaged her to pursue artistic collaboration. She has in every instance gone beyond the call of duty to muster quality art events and to create. I recommend her for any gallery space looking to have her as a resident artist or any art institution who desires an enterprising and intelligent artist, who is completely absorbed by her work and not by the superficial aspects of our art industry."

    - Ángel Rafael "Ralph" Vázquez-Concepción

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    Online Therapy

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    For your online therapy you should have art materials at home, but I also integrate other techniques like using your smartphone to take pictures and videos. You can do art therapy online even if you think you have no artistic skills, you will find that it just feels good to create!


    Forget the mess-create! No art skills required, just ideas and emotions!


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